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Tuesday September 13th, 2016
Agenda and registration for the DRIC Collegiate Conference Series now available!

The goal of every DRI Collegiate Conference is to provide DRI's Certified Professionals, as well as other professionals and students in related fields, an opportunity to experience and develop thought leadership in business continuity and resilience today.
Friday August 12th, 2016
DRI Has Reached 14,000+ Certified Professionals Worldwide!
Friday May 6th, 2016
DRI Has Reached 14,000+ Certified Professionals Worldwide!

As the most widely recognized and respected business continuity certification in the world, a DRI certification is an affirmation of your professional knowledge and experience.

• Show your dedication to your profession. Establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your organization.

• Be more attractive to current and potential employers who value continuing education. Certified professionals seeking new positions are sought-after candidates.

• Increase your earning potential. Independent studies have confirmed that a DRI certification helps professionals working in the business continuity industry command higher salaries versus non-certified professionals.

• Be a part of the DRI community, with special access to events, thought-leadership, networking, and more.
Friday April 1st, 2016
As part of DRIE Toronto’s 30th Anniversary celebration DRIC was presented with a sponsor appreciation award.
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