Maintain Your Certification

Certification is just the beginning

Business continuity is ever evolving, and so its professionals must also keep learning and evolving too, by keeping their knowledge and understanding current and up-to-date.

Maintaining your DRI Canada Certification carries three requirements:

1: Payment of an annual maintenance fee. Maintenance fees are billed in early fall and due by January 1st each year. Current fee structure for each Certification is listed in DRIC Certification Matrix.
* The first year fee is included in application processing fee.
** When submitting past-due annual fee, current year pricing will be applied.

2: Compliance with DRIC Continuing Education Policy by accumulation of continuity educational and involvement in the business continuity community every two calendar years. The required number of CEAP for each Certification is listed in the DRIC Certification Matrix.
* Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAP) must be accrued on a calendar year basis, over a two-year period.
** To submit activities online, log into MyDRIC and select Continuing Education Credits from Online Learningmenu

3: Continued compliance with DRIC's Code of Ethics

Report Your CEAP online now

login with your DRIC account and go to Continuing Education Credits page in
Online Learning Section
Check our guide for online CEAP submission
Even through the submissions are online, you are required to maintain proper documentation should the documentation be requested during the audit process

Associate-level and Retired Certification maintenance

Individuals certified as Associate-level grades (ABCP, AHCCP, APSCP, ARMP) or registered at a certification level as a Retired (Ret.) constituent simply need to remit the annual certification maintenance fee.

Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAP)

All Non-Associate level DRIC Certification holders must earn 80 CEAPs points over a two-year period. You must submit all qualifying CEAPs within 90 days of the end of your current certification period. You can always review your certification status by logging into MyDRIC. CEAP points can be earned for:

  • involvement with organizations in Approved Professional Areas;
  • day-to-day activities directly related to business continuity planning/disaster recovery;
  • specialized training or additional certification, that enhance overall professional skills, knowledge and competency;
  • volunteering, giving back to community, and/or other activities that provide leadership and contribute to the enhancement of the profession.

Learn how to earn CEAP

Approved Professional Areas for CEAPs are:

  • Audit
  • Business Continuity
  • Crisis Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Healthcare Provider
  • Risk Management
  • Cyber Resilience

Recertification exemption

In certain cases, a business continuity planning/disaster recovery professional in good standing may be granted exemption from the recertification points requirement. DRI CANADA's Executive Director personally reviews all applications for exemptions.

Suspension Notices

Suspension warnings will go out via email to all constituents who have fallen behind on one or both of the above mentioned qualifications. Once suspended, the DRIC designation can no longer be used.

Follow this link to DRIIs Guidelines Points Schedule, and scroll down to Continuing Education Activity Points and Guidelines for CEAP. You will need to know this to complete the CEAP submission properly and understand if some points do not count.