DRIC Certification FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about DRI CANADA Certification

Your Question:DRIC Answer:
1. What is the first step in becoming a DRI certified professional?The first step in becoming a certified professional is to pass the appropriate  qualifying examination.
2. I have passed the DRI Qualifying Exam. Which certifications can I apply for?With successful completion of a certificate course or a passing score on an Q-Exam, you may apply for ABCP, CFCP, CBCP, or CBCV levels of certification.
3. What fees are associated with the application?There are application fees for each certification application you complete. This fee is for the processing of the application and first year of membership. Please refer to the Certification Matrix for more information on fees for each certification level.
4. Can someone write the Q-exam and, if successful, go straight to applying for the CBCP, skipping the ABCP level?Yes they can. ABCP is not a mandatory step. The ABCP is a step for those without the experience necessary for CBCP (or CFCP). If one passes the Q-exam and chooses to apply for the CBCP, need to apply online and pay the appropriate application fee. They could also take the Master Case Study Exam and if successful, apply for MBCP without any 'lower' certification.
5. How do I complete the application?All certification applications are available online. Login with your DRIC account and go to Application for Certification page in Online Learning Section. Please note that any missing information on the application will delay processing.
6. What time-frame should I reference in my application?The experience must have occurred within a ten-year period from your application date, and focus on your business continuity/disaster recovery planning responsibilities and accomplishments--not your position responsibilities or organizational accomplishments. See years required for each certification level.
7. What should the framework of my Subject Matter Essays be?Use the DRI Professional Practices as your guide for your essays. You should write about your experience in the first person.
8. Am I able to view the score I received on the exam?DRI Exam scores are only released as PASS or FAIL.
9. I currently hold a DRI Certification, but the application website says that I have not passed the Qualifying Exam in last three years. What do I do?If your certification is in good standing, please contact the certification administrator at certification@dri.ca and they will be able to assist you with a test record.
10. Who reviews the applications?The DRI CANADA Certification Commission conducts the reviews of applications.
11. My references need to have the email re-sent to them, how can I do this?In order to have a reference request resent, log into your MyDRIC, view your application, select "View/Edit Reference," select the area you need to resend the reference email, select Change/Resend Reference and click OK. This will resend the email to your reference.
12.How do I change one of my references?In order to change a reference, you will need to log into MyDRIC, view your application, select View/Edit Reference select the area you need to replace the reference, type in your new references name and email address, select Change/Resend Reference and select OK. This will replace your reference and also send your new reference the email.
13. If the commissioners have any questions about my certification, can they contact me?Each reviewing commissioner has one opportunity to request additional information on an application. The request will be made through the application system and must be received through this system.
14. How long do I have to respond to a request for additional information?The response must be received within 30 days of the request.
15. I received an email stating that my application was approved, what does this mean?If you have received an email stating your application has been approved, congratulations! You may use the certification designation from that point on. You will also receive a certification certificate and lapel pin within the next few weeks.
16. How can I maintain several credentials at once?You can align your certification cycles for all DRI credentials and maintain them simultaneously. You can also apply CEAPs earned for the one credential to the another one.
17. Will newer DRI credentials dilute the other established DRI credentials?No. DRI's credentials reflect different roles in business continuity management, and therefore, are suitable for different candidates. Use Certification Matrix to determine which credential is right for you.
18.  If I already hold my CBCP certification what do I need to submit for the CBCA certification?Complete the “What I did” and “How I did it” sections of the online application. Reference information is not needed. Complete the application fee payment. You can save this online application; do not click on submit as the missing references will not allow you to do so. Rather, once “What I did” and “How I did it” sections, as well payment, are done, contact the DRIC office.
19. How do I apply for my MBCP certification?First, please review the certification level chart. After completing the BCP 601 course you will be directed to DRI International to complete and submit the exam. If successful, you can apply for the MBCP certification. Again, this level of certification is completed through DRI International.

If after reviewing our Certification FAQ you find your questions are not answered, please contact us at 1-844-228-8135