Education Commission

The Education Commission sets guidelines and ethical standards for administrating and conducting education programs and examanations, under the guidelines and ethical direction set by DRI International.

The Commission evaluates and approves all training and educational material for Canada based on DRIIs 10 Professional Practices. The Commissioners are involved in all matters related to our education programs. These highly motivated, volunteer's work tirelessly in the effort to:

  • Establish and/or confirm education criteria and testing standards;
  • Prepare and approve courses intended for the Canadian market only;
  • Work with the DRIC Board of Director to establish the annual course schedule; and
  • Is responsible for developing and maintaining the formal relationship with DRI CANADA instructors.

The Education Commission includes the following members:

John Yamniuk, MBCP
Chair, Education Commission

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Heather Tomalty
Vice Chair, Education Commission

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Akli Feraoun, CBCP
Education Commissioner

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Michael Hiller
Education Commissioner

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Bertin Soucy
Education Commissioner

Dale Windle, MBCP
Education Commissioner

Cynthia Wenn, CBCP
Education Commissioner