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You build Your reputation. Let DRI Certification elevate Your career

DRI CANADA congratulates those of you who have already earned your DRI Certification. For those of you who have not, if you meet the criteria to do so, we encourage you to make the commitment now and become a certified professional. You will not regret it!


Professional certification application with DRI CANADA is a four-step process and includes verification of knowledge and confirmation of experience when it is required:

Step 1: A passing grade on the DRII Qualifying Examination is sufficient to verify a candidate's knowledge of the subject matter.

Step 2: An application is required so that a DRIC Certification Officer can confirm the eligibility of an each candidate.
* All Associate-level certification candidates (ABCP, AHPCP, APSCP) will be transferred directly to Step 4:
** You must create a MyDRIC ( member portal) profile to submit your application.

Step 3: For Non-Associate level certifications, additional information is required so that a review panel can confirm the experience of an individual candidate. Treat this process as a written interview. Ensure you map your experience to the DRIIs Professional Practices and you will be successful.
* Work experience must be gained within the ten year period preceding the application date for certification.

Step 4: You must pay for the application processing online after you finalize your application.
* We will not refund the fees to process your application so make sure you are eligible and ready to become a DRIC certified professional before you apply.
** The DRIC application processing fee includes your first year of membership!

Please take a look at the DRIC certification matrix to find the appropriate type and level of certification for you. Review eligibility criteria for the selected Certification in the details!

This entire process can take several weeks. The DRIC Certification Officer contacts all candidates who have submitted incomplete applications.

The Certification Commission will reach one of three decisions: awarding the Certification requested; awarding a lower Certification, or denying Certification. The Certification Commissioners will carefully consider the evidence supplied by the candidate and allocate an appropriate Certification grade based on evidence supplied within the application and supporting documentation. The Commissioners are not permitted to research an individual.

Should an application be rejected, feedback will be provided to the applicant. If further information or clarification is required, it will be requested. Decisions on applications are not final as there is an appeal process for certification application denials. Inquiries regarding denials of Certification can be sent to

To become DRI Certified, an applicant must:

Check out our Certification FAQs. If you need support or have any questions about the application process, please contact us at

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login with your DRIC account and go to Application for Certification page in Online Learning Section

MBCP: please apply via DRII.


Learn how to prepare your application by clicking on the image below. 
Disclaimer: Resumes are no longer required and all applications are to be completed online here.

For more assistance you may view a video on DRIC certification below.

To prepare better for your Non-Associate level application submission, you can
download a CBCP Application Guide

You can also find this Guide on the Choose Your Certifcation page.