Advancement of Certification

Value of Certification

A DRI International certification is the most widely recognized and respected business continuity certification in the world. In fact, nearly 100 percent of all Fortune 100 companies employ DRI Certified Professionals. Our certification is not for sale and cannot be obtained through alternate routes. Only hard work, demonstration of experience and commitment to the business continuity and resilience profession can earn you a DRI certification.

According to the BC Management 2018 survey - the largest independent study of the continuity management profession, MBCPsand CBCPs report the highest average compensation compared to PMPs, CBCIs and MBCIs.If you currently hold ABCP certification through DRI Canada, and have been wanting to advance your certification to the next level, resources have been developed to support you in completing the necessary documentation to advance your certification to the next level.

Upgrading Your Certification Does NotRequireRe-Examination

If you hold a current DRI certification in good standing, you do not need to re-take the Qualifying Examination to upgrade your certification to the CFCP or CBCP level.

Are you an ABCP and wondering about how to write your application for CBCP or CFCP certification? Check out the Advancement of Certification Guide,which provides a case study that helps explain how to prepare an application that shows you're ready for the next level in your career.

HR professionals and hiring managers look for the right level of certification when they're posting a continuity management job. Understanding what they look for will help you target the right level of certification for the job you want. Our Hiring Guide is used by HR professionals, and will provide you an insight into what certification they're looking for when jobs are posted.
  • DRI Canada provides the most respected and valued certification in the continuity management profession. A look at our Certification Comparison Guide shows how your certification level compares to other highly regarded professional certifications.

Meet some of our CBCP certified professionals: