Appeals Policy

Certification Appeals

If an applicant wishes to appeal a DRIC Certification Commission ruling on certification matters, the applicant shall address an email to the Executive Director of DRI CANADA within thirty (30) calendar days of receiving the certification decision. The applicant must clearly and fully state the ruling or decision being appealed, the grounds for the appeal, and the remedies being sought, together with all supporting evidence or documentation.

The Executive Director, at their discretion, may attempt to resolve the situation without proceeding to the Chair of Certification Committee. The decision to forward or deny the appeal will be made by the DRI CANADA Executive Director in writing to the appellant within seven (7) calendar days.

Should the matter not be resolved to the appellant’s satisfaction, the appellant now wishing to appeal to the DRII Certification Board must do so within thirty (30) days of receiving the latest certification decision from the DRI CANADA Executive Director. A second email of appeal should be sent both to DRI Executive Director and DRI CANADA Executive Director, and must again indicate the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal (e.g., inappropriate consideration of information or substantial new information), and the remedies being sought, together with all supporting information. If the letter of appeal details the decision being appealed, the grounds for appeal, and the remedies being sought by the appellant, the appeal will be heard. When the letter contains all pertinent information, the DRI Executive Director will forward the letter and all supporting information to the Chairperson of the DRII Appeals Committee and the appropriate ad hoc members for consideration.

DRIC Certification Committee review procedure

The DRIC Certification Committee Chair will designate two ad hoc commissioners who were not part of the original review process. This group of three will then review all pertinent information and if their decisions agrees and confirms previous DRIC actions, they will inform the DRIC Executive Director who will ensure appropriate notification to the appellant.

If the appeal review and action results in a decision or finding contrary to previous DRIC actions and reviews, the CC Chair will inform the Executive Director and the Chairperson of the DRII Certification Board.

DRIC Certification revocation appeal

Individuals wishing to appeal a certification revocation can do so by email notification of such an appeal to The appeal must include a detailed explanation for the reinstatement request as well as the CEAP documentation from the cycle period since revocation to current year.

Exam Taker Complaints:

Candidates who wish to address any comments or concerns about the examination administration, including any candidate exam day issues, site conditions or the content of the exam, should contact DRI CANADA by phone at 1-844-228-8135 or email

Please include the following information in your comments: exam ID number, testing site, date tested and any relevant details on the specific issue.