Ways to Earn CEAPs

Ways to earn Continuing Education Activity Points with DRIC

DRIC Continuing Education Policy supports ongoing professional development through education and giving back to the profession. Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to earn Continuing Education Activity Points (CEAP) toward maintaining your credential(s).

While specialized training and seminars are ideal ways to stay up-to-date with business continuity management's best practices, many other activities occurring in your daily professional life may count toward CAEPs too! And together with this, DRIC offers opportunities to earn CEAPs through participation in a variety of programs and events.

Continue Your Education and Professional Development

1. E-Learning and webinars: DRI's e-learning increases your understanding of DRI Professional Practices by applying real-world knowledge and learning from other organizations and their experience. E-learning also offers flexibility with your schedule.

2. Be involved in local professional groups: Participate in events, meetings, webinars, and educational sessions through DRIERECOEPICCCRHnetCREW, and any other DRIC's partner.

3. DRII ConferenceWCDM and Regional Events: Attend a congress or regional event and learn, network, and get inspired.

4. Be visible and present at a conference, workshop or even a corporate event: Speak or present at a conference, workshop, or seminar that is related to an Approved Professional Area.

5. Self-directed learning: DRIC will recognize activities that involve personally conducted research or study, including discussions or coaching sessions with colleagues or clients.

6. Do Your Job: When you practice the DRI Professional Practices professionally, you can claim CEAPs. If you audit BCM, participate in exercises, or even respond to real events, this counts toward credential maintenance.

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When you are a member of DRIC, you receive discounts to many events, products and services that award CEAPs

Approved Professional Areas for CEAPs are:
- Audit
- Business Continuity
- Crisis Management
- Emergency Management
- Disaster Recovery
- Healthcare Provider
- Risk Management
- Cyber Resilience

Give Back to the Profession

7: Create a new content: author a published article, video ,or even book totally dedicated to an Approved Professional Area

8: Take a seat at the table at the industry forums, committees and working groups: DRI CANADA encourages all those who are certified to continue the process of advocating for reasonable, coherent ,and comprehensive standards and practices in Business Continuity.

9: Be engaged with DRIC and DRII work: Participate on a DRIC or DRII board, committee, work group, and gain one CEAP credit (up to 20 per year) for each hour of active participation.

10: Volunteer: Earn CEAPs for providing your professional services to an organization or group outside of your employer; this includes any community organization like Canadian Red Cross, local emergency management bodies or non-profit groups. Perform volunteer activities in response to a real disaster.

11: Be a Mentor: Earn one CEAP for each hour of mentoring efforts directly related to coaching, reviewing or assisting an individual with DRI exam preparation or providing career guidance through the DRIC mentoring.

All activities must be related to Approved Professional Areas that are substantially consistent with the DRI Professional Practices and involve appropriate expert resources.

View examples of activity proof  for CEAP submission guide for DRI CANADA members

Review DRIIs Guidelines Points Schedule for more information about all the CEAP categories and qualifying activities. Scroll down to Continuing Education Activity Points and Guidelines for CEAP.