Frequently Asked Questions

What training courses are offered by DRI CANADA? 

DRI CANADA offers two (2) courses that lead to certification: the BCLE2000 and BCP501. These two (2) courses present an opportunity to challenge the Qualifying Examination which upon passing will allow one to qualify for the ABCP designation or certification CFCP or CBCP.

DRI CANADA also offers the BCP601 Masters Course as a preparatory course for the Masters Case Study Examination, which is the first step in becoming certified as a prestigious Masters Certified Member of DRI CANADA (MBCP).

DRI CANADA also offers the BCLE AUD that leads to certification. This course present an opportunity to challenge the Qualifying Examination, which upon passing will allow qualify for the designation CBCA or CBLA.

Additionally, DRI CANADA offers a 1-day introduction to Business Continuity Awareness (BCA100), BCP250 Executive Seminar.

What are the DRI CANADA training courses and Qualifying Examination based on?

DRI CANADA bases its 2 primary courses: BCLE2000 and BCP501 and Qualifying Examination content on the Professional Practices.

What are the Professional Practices?

DRI International established the industry’s international first BCM methodology in 1997 when they published the Professional Practices for Business Continuity Planners. The Professional Practices were updated recently, in 2017.

What are the subject areas of the Professional Practices?

1. Program Initiation and Management
2. Risk Assessment
3. Business Impact Analysis
4. Business Continuity Strategies
5. Incident Response
6. Plan Development and Implementation
7. Awareness and Training Programs
8. Business Continuity Plan Exercise, Assessment, and Maintenance
9. Crisis Communications
10. Coordination with External Agencies

How do I register for a DRI CANADA training course? 

To register for a DRI CANADA training course, you must fill in the registration form located in the Course Schedule under the Education portion of our website. Select the course that you would like to attend and you will be prompted to register.

Can I have access to the course material before the course?

No, DRI CANADA distributes the course material once the course is confirmed. You can however access/download the Professional Practices Indexes from our website by clicking on the Professional Practices tab.

Do I need to pay for the course when I register? 

Yes, DRI CANADA requires full payment when registering for the course. Payment in full is required before exam marks are released.

What methods of payment does DRI CANADA accept? 

DRI CANADA accepts all major credit cards, VISA, MasterCard and AMEX as well as Purchase Order or cheque.

Why doesn’t DRI CANADA/DRII provide a numeric score in the letter that is issued informing me of my Qualifying Examination results? 

 At one time the score an applicant received on the DRII qualifying examination was a factor in determining which certification designation(s) the applicant was allowed to pursue. A score of 75 or greater but less than 80 would enable the applicant to apply for the ABCP or CFCP designation. A score of 80 or greater, but less than 85 would enable the applicant to apply for the ABCP, CFCP or CBCP designation. A score of 85 or greater would allow the applicant to apply for ABCP, CFCP, CBCP or MBCP designations.

After studying those gradient requirements, DRII determined that the qualifying exam score was not an appropriate instrument to determine application eligibility for the various designations. At that time, DRII implemented a “pass/fail” approach to the exam. Anyone who passed the exam was eligible to pursue any designation that their individual experience would allow them to achieve. At that point, the numeric score became meaningless, for application purposes, and a decision was made that it was no longer necessary or beneficial to include the score in the notification letter to exam participants.

My company has several people that are interested in training for business continuity planning/disaster recovery. Does DRI CANADA offer in-house training? 

DRI CANADA does arrange for in-house training sessions and at a discounted price. For details on how to arrange for in-house training, please contact DRI CANADA at 1.844-228-8135 or info@dri.ca.

Is the cost of the Qualifying Examination included in the cost of the DRI CANADA training courses?

Yes, the Qualifying Examination fee is included in the price of the training course, specifically the BCLE 2000 and BCP 501.

How many questions are on the Qualifying Examination? 

There are 100 multiple choice questions on the Qualifying Examination and allotted 2.5 hours to complete.

Can I challenge the Qualifying Examination without taking a training course?

Yes, you can challenge the Qualifying Examination as an exam only option at any of our course locations. The fee to challenge the examination is $750.00 CND plus applicable taxes. The Examination schedule is available under the Education Tab of our website.

How do I register to challenge the Qualifying Examination only?

Click on the Education tab on our website and select the Course Schedule. Select the date that you wish to challenge the examination and you will be asked to complete the registration form indicating EXAM in the appropriate section of the Registration form.

DRIC will make every effort to bring our courses anywhere in Canada as long as a minimum class requirement of 7 students can be met! - call 1.844-228-8135 for details