Awards FAQ

DRI CANADA - Awards of Excellence Program FAQ

Q: What are the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: They are awards conferred each year by the community of Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) professionals to individuals who demonstrate excellence in the areas of Continuity Management, Technology Recovery (DR).

Q: What are the Categories of DRI CANADA Awards?
A: There are four (4) separate awards, covering different types of accomplishment:

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to someone who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in the industry over the course of a significant career.

  • The DRI CANADA Builder Award is granted to a professional who has made a significant contribution to the development and growth of DRI CANADA.

  • The Student Award and Scholarship is granted to a post-secondary student who presented an exceptional scholarly work, or introduced creative ideas for addressing issues in business continuity management during the previous year.

  • The Volunteer of the Year Award is granted to a professional who has made a significant contribution to the Continuity Management/Technology Recovery (DR) industry through volunteer efforts.

Q: Which individuals are eligible for the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: For the achievement awards the nominees must be DRIC members in good standing.

  • For Lifetime Achievement, nominees will have at least the CBCP or CFCP designation and have a minimum of 20 years active experience in the industry.

  • For the DRIC Builder category, nominees will have at least ABCP, CBCP or CFCP designation - nominees may be active or retired members.

  • Nominees for the Student award will be in a relevant post-secondary program and will require an endorsement from their academic institution

  • Nominees for the Volunteer of the Year will have at least ABCP, CBCP, or CFCP designation and be active in the BC/DR industry for a minimum of 20 years. 

Q: What is the value of the scholarship associated with the Student Award?
A: $2,000

Q: Are eligible candidates for the DRI Canada Awards allowed to nominate themselves?
A: Yes.

Q: May I nominate an individual even though I am not a member of DRI CANADA?
A: Yes.

Q: How are nominations submitted?
A: The Awards of Excellence nomination form is available on the DRI Canada website.

Q: How are the award winners determined?
A:  The DRI Canada Awards of Excellence Team, comprising senior members of the professional community, will judge the submissions in all categories against pre-defined criteria.

Q: When will the awards be decided and presented?
The judging will take place following the nomination deadline. Winners will be notified by mid-May. The awards will be presented during the Continuity and Resiliency Today (CRT) Conference in Toronto held May 29 to 30, 2019.

Q: When is the nomination deadline?
A: The on-line nomination form must be completed by April 10, 2019. 

Q: Can two awards be presented in one category?
A:  No – only one individual will be recognized in each category.

Q: Can an individual who has been recognized as the Lifetime Achievement recipient be nominated again?
A:  No, not if they have been recognized as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award, however, an individual who was nominated in this category and was not successful can be nominated again in subsequent years.

Q. Can an individual who has been recognized in one award category be nominated in a different category?
A. Yes.

Q:  The titles for the Professional Practices are different than those in the training that I have taken or that I have been using.  Will this affect the nomination that I submit?
A:  No, the Professional Practices were changed in 2017 and the nomination forms reflect these changes.  Submissions may be made using the previous titles.

Q: How can I learn more about the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: Please call 1-844-228-8135 or e-mail