Awards FAQ

DRI CANADA - Awards of Excellence Program FAQ

Q: What are the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: DRI Canada is committed to recognizing excellence through the annual Awards of Excellence Program. The DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence honour individuals who are leaders and innovators in the fields of Business Continuity and Technology Recovery (BC/DR).   A COVID-19 Response and Recovery Award has been announced for 2021 to recognize organizations that have demonstrated an exceptional capability to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: What are the Categories of DRI CANADA Awards?
A: The 2021 awards categories are:

  • The Lifetime Achievement Award is granted to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional professional achievement in the industry over the course of their career.
  • The DRI CANADA Builder Award is granted to a professional who has made a significant contribution to the development and growth of DRI CANADA.
  • The Volunteer of the Year Award is granted to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievement and commitment to the industry through volunteer efforts.
  • The Student Award and Scholarship recognizes a post-secondary student who has, in the past year, presented an exceptional scholarly work (academic paper, report, project, presentation, etc.) to mitigate or resolve business operational issues.
  • The COVID-19 Response and Recovery Award - The COVID-19 pandemic is the most significant and wide-ranging business continuity incident of the century. This Award recognizes an organization that has demonstrated a capability to meet the challenges presented by COVID-19 -- not only to the organization itself, but also to the community it serves. Such commitment would include maintaining operations and ensuring the viability of the organization, providing a safe environment for its employees, relieving the financial pressure that employees face, aiding medical personnel, and providing support for the welfare of the community as a whole.
Q: Which individuals are eligible for the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
 Nominees for Lifetime Achievement, DRI CANADA Builder and Volunteer of the Year must be DRIC members in good standing.
  • Lifetime Achievement: nominees will have at least the CBCP or CFCP certification and will have made a significant contribution in the BC/DR industry
  • DRIC Builder: nominees may be active or retired members
  • Volunteer of the Year: nominees will be active in the BC/DR industry

Nominees for the Student Award and Scholarship will be in a relevant post-secondary program and have endorsement from their academic institution.
Q: What is the value of the scholarship associated with the Student Award and Scholarship?
A: $2,000

Q: Are eligible candidates for the DRI Canada Awards of Excellence allowed to nominate themselves?
A: Yes.

Q: May I nominate an individual even though I am not a DRI CANADA certified professional?
A: Anyone is eligible to submit nominations for the Lifetime Achievement, DRIC Builder, Volunteer of the Year, and the Student Award and Scholarship.

Only DRI CANADA certified professionals, in good standing, are eligible to submit nominations for the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Award.

Q: For the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Award, what level of Senior Leadership is required for Sign-Off?
A: There is an area on the Application for the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Award that is to be completed by Senior Leadership. Senior Leadership, in this instance, is intended to capture the individual accountable for the business continuity program. The title will vary depending on the organization. Examples: VP in a private company, BCM sponsor on the Steering Committee or Executive Team, ADM or Deputy Minister for a federal government department.

Q: How are nominations submitted?
A: The Awards of Excellence nomination forms are available on the DRI Canada website.

Q: How are the award winners determined?
A:  The DRI Canada Awards of Excellence Committee, comprising senior members of the professional community, will judge the submissions in all categories against pre-defined criteria.

Q: When will the awards be decided and presented?
Judging will take place following the nomination deadline. Winners will be notified October 16, 2021. The awards will be presented during the Continuity and Resiliency Today (CRT) Conference in Toronto.  

Q: When is the nomination deadline?
A: The on-line nomination form must be completed by Friday October 1, 2021. 

Q: Can an individual who has been recognized as the Lifetime Achievement recipient be nominated again?
A:  An individual is only eligible to receive the Lifetime Achievement award once. However, an individual who was nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award and was not successful can be nominated again in subsequent years.

Q. Can an individual who has been recognized in one award category be nominated in a different category?
A. Yes.

Q:  The titles for the Professional Practices are different than those in the training that I have taken or that I have been using.  Will this affect the nomination that I submit?
A:  No. The Professional Practices were changed in 2017 and the nomination forms reflect these changes.  Submissions may be made using the previous titles.

Q: How can I learn more about the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: Please call 1-844-228-8135 or e-mail