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DRI CANADA - Awards of Excellence Program FAQ

Q: What are the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: DRI Canada is committed to recognizing excellence through the annual Awards of Excellence Program. These awards honour leaders and innovators in the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency management. 

Q: What is the value of the scholarship associated with the Student Award and Scholarship?
A: $2,000 + complimentary enrollment in a BCLE 2000 course.

The scholarship is valued at $2,000 and includes complimentary enrollment in a BCLE 2000 course. Additionally, all applicants are automatically entered into a draw for admission to the BCLE 2000 course.

Q: Are eligible candidates for the award allowed to nominate themselves?
A: Yes.  However, applicants for all individual awards require a reference. The individual nominating an applicant is considered the reference. Candidates nominating themselves require a separate reference.

Q: For organizational awards, what level of senior leadership is required for sign-off?
A: It should be signed off by someone in a senior leadership position, such as the individual accountable for the business continuity program or their direct superior. Titles may vary depending on the organization, but examples include VP in a private company, Deputy Minister, or Assistant Deputy Minister for a federal or provincial government department or ministry.

Q: May I nominate an individual even though I am not a DRI CANADA certified professional?
A: Yes, anyone can submit nominations for individual awards. Only DRI Canada certified professionals in good standing are eligible to submit nominations for the organizational awards.

Q: Can I nominate someone for the President's Award?
A: No, the President's Award is bestowed by the DRI Canada Board of Directors.

Q: How are applications submitted?
A: Application forms are accessible on the DRI Canada website, with submission instructions provided there.

Q: How are the award winners determined?
A:  The Awards of Excellence Committee, comprising of senior members from the professional community, assesses submissions in all categories against predetermined criteria. 

Q: Can an individual who has been recognized as the Lifetime Achievement recipient be nominated again?
An individual can only receive the Lifetime Achievement Award once. However, someone who has been nominated and not successful in receiving the award can be nominated again in subsequent years.

Q. Can an individual or organization previously recognized for one of the following awards - Conntributor, Student Award and Scholarhip, Response and Preparedness and Mitigation - be recognized for the same award in a subsequent year?
A. Yes 

Q. Can an individual who has been recognized in one award category be nominated in a different category?
A. Yes, but an individual cannot be recognized for the Lifetime and Contributor awards in the same year.

Q: What makes an effective application for the DRIC Award of Excellence?
A: An effective application depends on the accomplishments of the applicant. It should be comprehensive, containing a logical, well-structured statement of accomplishment, incorporating the following elements:

  • It answers the question: Why should this individual or organization be considered for an award?
  • It aligns with the requirements outlined in the application form and on the DRI Canada website. While applicants aren't expected to fulfill every requirement, the Awards Committee seeks an accurate, compelling submission that outlines the applicant's qualifications for the award.
  • It illustrates how individuals and organizations surpassed standard practices to achieve excellence.
  • It supports its case with concrete, meaningful data, examples, and metrics.
Note: Specific criteria for each award are listed on the individual awards pages.

Q: How can I learn more about the DRI CANADA Awards of Excellence?
A: For further information, lease call 1-844-228-8135 or e-mail