Mentorship Program

DRI CANADA's Board of Directors and Education & Certification commissions are committed to assisting members progress to higher levels of DRI certification.   The DRI CANADA Mentorship program will pair mentors with DRI CANADA members wishing to partake in the program.   Each pair will work together to set out the goals of the relationship.  Both parties have the responsibility to create a respectful environment for the mentoring relationship.  The mentorship will have the opportunity to develop a relationship that will have long lasting benefits.  

Make sure that your certification reflects your knowledge and experience in the Business Continuity profession.  The Certified-level professional designations (CFCP, CBCP, CHCCP, CPSCP) are an expression of career maturity. Organizations can depend on these qualified individuals to build solid, reliable business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management or operational resiliency programs.
BC Management's 2015 data findings highlighted those professionals with two, three and five certifications out earned their non-certified counterparts and that those with a certification typically received a higher total compensation increase of about 4.5% to 10.3% compared to the 3.5% increase for non-certified professionals.

Members wishing to pursue a higher level of certification are encouraged to apply to DRI CANADA's Mentorship program.  This program is also open to graduates entering the business continuity and disaster recovery profession.


Brock Holowachuk, CBCP
Certification Commission Chair, Director Central Region

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Ann Wyganowski, MBCP

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Réjean Pesant, CBCP
Education Commission Chair, Instructor, Director Québec Region

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If you are interested in participating in this program, please complete the online application.  Should you require additional information regarding the mentorship program, please contact Perry Ruehlen.