Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an individual who has exhibited exceptional dedication and achievement in the fields of business continuity, disaster recovery, or emergency management. It is awarded to a member who has had a remarkable career marked by professional success, significant contributions to the industry, proficiency in applying the DRII Professional Practices, and a commitment to the mission of DRI Canada.

Eligibility and requirements:

  • Submission of a nomination form accompanied by an essay, limited to 1,000 words, outlining the nominee's career accomplishments.
  • Nominees must maintain active membership with DRI Canada and possess a minimum of CBCP or CFCP certification. 
  • Previous recipients of the Lifetime Achievement award aren't eligible. However, previous unsuccessful nominees can be nominated again.
  • An individual cannot be nominated for the Contributor and Lifetime Awards in the same year.
  • A reference is mandatory. A third-party nominator can serve as the reference.
  • Anyone is eligible to submit nominations for this award.


Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria.

  • A record of professional success.
  • Significant contributions to the industry.
  • Proficient in applying the common body of knowledge (DRII Professional Practices).
  • Advocacy and support for the DRI Canada mission.
  • Completeness of the application.
  • Professionalism and clarity of the application, ensuring it is logical, relevant, and grammatical.

Note: Applicants aren't expected to fulfill every requirement. The Awards Committee seeks an accurate, compelling submission that outlines the applicant's qualifications for the award.


2022   John Yamniuk

2021   Vito Mangialardi

2020  Patrick W. (Butch) Brennan

2019   Betsy Sayers

2018   Ivan Kusal

2017   Irene More

2015   Brian P. Miller

2014   Ronald G. Tucker