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These are the three pillars upon which DRI CANADA is built. And it is this powerful trinity that continues to draw forward-thinking professionals like you to DRI CANADA, making us this country’s leading provider of business continuity management training and certification.

Here’s a closer look at those all-important pillars, and how they will continue to help DRI members to grow and progress to positions of leadership within their organizations and their communities.


DRI CANADA’s ongoing dedication to providing industry-leading training in the field of Continuity Management has helped establish our world-class reputation. But we’re not about to sit back on our laurels now. Especially in today’s tenuous economy, the need for timely, relevant, cutting-edge course content is paramount; not only to your success, but to your organization’s survival.

Our tier one instructors, who are in-demand professionals, with a talent for sharing hands-on experience in a timely and relevant manner, ensures that DRI CANADA’s courses meet the needs of business continuity management professionals today; as will our new course offerings into the future.


This is the official and highly respected “proof” of the successful absorption, comprehension and more importantly, the ability to plan, strategize and apply DRI CANADA’s Business Continuity Management concepts.

Certification designations earned through DRI CANADA, a member of the DRI International family, provides worldwide recognition of your accomplishments and achievements in the business continuity management profession. No other certification is recognized on such a Large Scale.


DRI CANADA established a recognition program through its Awards of Excellence Program.  The Awards of Excellence are annual awards conferred by DRI CANADA to individuals that demonstrate excellence in planning and preparedness in the areas of Continuity Management and Technology Recovery (DR).  For more information on the Awards of Excellence program, please click on the Awards Program tab on our website.

DRI CANADA....   Canada's leader in BCM education and certification.


To join DRIC you must obtain your ABCP certification. This is done by completing one of the following courses: BCLE 2000 (or BCLF 2000, French language), BCLE AUD, BCP 501 or BCPO 2000, and pass the qualifying exam which is provided on the final day of the course. Most exams can be challenged without course attendance but not all.  Please click here for an overview of examinations. An exam retake, to be completed within one year of the original exam date, is also available by contacting the DRIC office.

Once you are notified by DRI CANADA of your successful grade you will then be eligible for the ABCP Certification, and you will be sent a link to register. The ABCP certification application fee is $200 and this includes your first year of membership in DRIC. Membership charges differ each year thereafter depending on your level of certification.  Membership renewals are due at the beginning of the calendar year. All new member applications will be placed in pending status until approved by the DRIC office.

For course descriptions please visit here

When you have decided on the course you wish to register for please view the course listing to register for a course date/location that is convenient for you.

*Prices subject to change.