Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets DRI CANADA's goals, strategic direction and policy, and offers guidance., under the guidelines and ethical direction set by DRI International. The Board is the governing body of the DRI CANADA and is responsible for the business direction, policy making, public awareness and fiscal management of the organization.

The DRIC Board of Directors includes the following Elected Members:

Nancy Holloway-White, CBCP, CBCA

John Yamniuk, MBCP
Past President & Education Commission Chair
Brock HolowachukCBCP


Lisa Maddock, ABCP
Secretary/Privacy Officer, Director Ontario Region
Scott Leavitt, CBCP
Treasurer, Director Pacific Region

Rejean Pesant, CBCP
Director Quebec Region

Devin McNaughton, ABCP
Director Western Region

Jason Firlotte, MBCP, CBCV

Director at Large

Perry Ruehlen
Executive Director
T: 416-646-1600 or 1-844-228-8135

Emad Aziz, CBCP
Director Atlantic Canada

Garth Tucker, CBCP, CORP
Director Central Region

Jeff Hortobagyi, CBCP

Director at Large

John Theofilaktidis, CBCP

Certification Commission Chair